Ben Miles on 3/1/17 6:05 PM


The cloud lab model of Transcriptic ensures that the lab automation is used to its highest efficiency, this is enabled by having the robotic infrastructure as a shared resource consumed by all users. A result of this is that once runs are submitted they enter into a queue until enough robotic capacity is available for execution.


With the introduction of tiers, organizations can now set the priority with which they wish their runs to have on the Transcriptic platform. Specific priorities broadly correlate to an average queue time so if you need your results extremely quickly you should opt for a higher priority tier. If your discovery pipeline can accommodate some delay you can opt for a lower priority tier.  At times when you have runs that need a faster turn around than your standard runs, you can opt to jump a tier for that month and go back to your standard tier the next month.


Tier Estimated Queue Time Monthly Annual plan, prepaid
1 1 week+ $600.00 $600.00/month
2 3-5 days $1,125.00 $1,068.75/month
3 1-2 days $2,250.00 $2,025.00/month
4 24 hours $4,500.00 $4,050.00/month
5† 8 hours $8,500.00 Get in touch
Private Workcell‡ <8 hours $25,000.00 Get in touch

† Yearly expected volume >$1M, ‡ Yearly expected volume >$3M, *Initial pricing subject to change.


Get in touch with our sales team at to get started with the tier right for your organization.


Q: How do I upgrade my tier?
A: Get in touch with your organization's admin who can upgrade your tier straight from the web application.

Q: What priority does my run have if I submit it then change my tier?
A: Runs receive the priority that the organization had during run submission.

Q: Is there a free tier?
A: Yes there is a free tier however, it does not come with the ability to submit runs.

Q: What is the benefit to paying annually?
A: Paying annually secures a discount on the tier fee along with simplified billing.

Q: Why do the private workcell and tier 5 have minimum spend requirements?
A: These two options are for users who anticipate intense usage of the robotic hardware. To ensure the platform is accessible to meet your requirements Transcriptic also requires commitment from the user.

Q: What happens if my run waits longer than the expected queue time?
A: Due the dynamic nature of the queue Transcriptic cannot guarantee queue times and can only quote historical performance of the tier to provide estimates.

Q: Can I only pay for the months I am running experiments?
A: If you are on a month to month subscription, please contact to downgrade to an inactive tier. For monthly subscription billing with an annual commitment, it is possible to downgrade before the next year starts in your commitment cycle, however monthly billing will continue for the initial year commited to.