Ben Miles on 9/14/16 6:03 PM

Since the start of Transcriptic users have only been able to conduct Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) experiments on our automated cloud infrastructure. We believed that executing well at this lower stringency threshold meant that we could deliver a great service for our users whilst still ensuring we could rapidly develop our capabilities.

A few months ago we completed the construction of 2 additional workcells, working closely with a select group of users we have been running automated BSL-2 experiments on our cloud infrastructure to facilitate some amazing science. With the completion of these new workcells and some great users we are really excited to be able to offer BSL-2 workcell instances to all Transcriptic users from today.

With access to automated, cloud BSL-2 environments companies using Transcriptic are tackling some of the hardest problems in discovery biology in completely new ways. As an example biological tissue can now be processed and analyzed at Transcriptic via techniques such as ELISA, qPCR, and RNA-seq in a executed in a completely programmatic and automated way where data are made available to our users through the API.  BSL-2 instances have also enabled new applications including viral engineering, mammalian cell based assays and BSL-2 bacterial engineering possible entirely from a command line interface. 


To start using BSL-2 environments for your work simply create a new project and upgrade it to BSL-2 status. Now, any run submitted to this project will be executed on a Transcriptic BSL-2 instance.

For more information on BSL-X environments at Transcriptic check out the documentation